Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tech Treck and Spring Semester

I had heard about the tech treck before, thanks to Samir Sawant who is part of Media Lab Club. I took the opportunity to join the club (finally) and went on three day Tech Treck trip in JAN '09.
Even being at distance (350 miles from Boston) I took 8 trips to Boston last year and tried to keep some face to face time with atleast some of the classmates...that being said distance student do miss on lot of cool stuff happening at MIT.

Tech trip was nice, got to meet folks from Sloan and SDM and did Media (IT), Energy and BioTech on each of the three days. For me it was more of a sampling and networking opportunity. The theme everywhere was that there are very few hirings (except Medical devices and Health sector companies we visited) and intership opportunities.

Jan '09 has gone as soon as it came like previos years..:-) and today was the first lectures of Spring Courses. I have taken Tech Strategy which looked like a great lecture, lot of discussion, lot of energy and lot of student involement , I have heard some good things about this course. The other one is ERBA (Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis) which also looked promising.

So here diving in to Spring Sem and I'm sure there will be lot of interesting storied along the way which I would like to share more often than I have shared them in past.

- Ashok Dhiman.


Charlotte Wang said...


Thanks for the blog, May I talk with you about the program? I will start mine in Jan. and have some questions related to your distance-learning experience. here is my email:



Kumaresh Babu said...

Hi Ashok,
I am Kumaresh from Pune, India. I am interested in 13 months campus program for SDM @ MIT. Can you please share the kind of financial aid that one can expect for this course?
As per calculations the total cost of the course $94392. What portion of this amount would the candidate has to bear?

Also is there any mechanism to evaluate my profile some alumni or staff?


Kumaresh Babu said...

My email id :